Texana is certified to AAR M 1003 Quality Standards. We are a fully equipped facility specializing in tank and hopper car repairs, maintenance, modifications, and Tank Car Manufacturing since 1968  --  manufacturing tank cars since May, 1990. 

Texana was established by Mr. S. M. Brooks who remains as active President and is on sight daily. Our Plant Manager, Terry Brooks, has been with the company for over 35 years.

Through experience, we are aware of the considerable variances in the requirements of our customers and are cautious to use their specifications in conjunction with AAR requirements. 

Our cost analysis, quality control, and engineering staff are always available to assist each customer with any requirements to assure we provide the best quality services and competitive prices in the southwest area. 

We are an AAR Class A Facility Certified for welding aluminum, carbon and stainless steel, along with TC 128. We are certified to M-214, Roller Bearing Mounting and for the Manufacturing of Railroad Tank Cars. 

We have X-ray equipment and technicians capable of performing NDT testing which includes Fiber scope, X-raying, Ultrasonic thickness testing and Liquid Penetrant testing and Thermal Imaging cameras. We can also arrange to have AE testing performed here on sight. 

We keep in constant contact with our customers through electronic communications. This enables us to handle most paper work quickly thus reducing the number of days your cars are out of service.

Texana recognizes that cleaning is an important consideration for our customers. We are equipped to clean some products, but only in conjunction with repairs and modifications. All commodities are picked up by a certified disposal company.

Our craftsmen are skilled in repairing heavily wrecked cars, whether they are hopper or tank, aluminum or steel.

Texana is able to obtain approval through the AAR for any tank cars you would want to build. Just send us a copy of your specs or let us know what type of cars you will be requiring and our Engineering and Estimating staff will prepare you a bid. Please feel free to come and tour our manufacturing facilities any time the opportunity presents itself

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We are serviced by the Texas Northeastern Railroad. Since many tank and hopper cars pass through Texarkana, we feel we have the ability to perform any service you need on your cars with a minimum amount of empty mileage and out-of-service time accumulating.

There is a Lining facility adjacent to us, Red River Coatings, which provides interior lining repairs and applications. This provides our customers with the added advantage of one shopping for complete repairs, thus minimizing days in shop.

Texana certainly recognizes the premier importance our customers attach to high quality workmanship, turnaround time, and safety to its rail equipment. We feel we can help you maintain that identity not only now, but into the future as higher technologies mandate changes.

Texana recognizes the prime importance our customers place on quality and turnaround on your cars. Your downtime will be kept at the very minimum.

We use the basic AAR format for billing. We have the capabilities for invoicing by EDI, E-Mail or by disk.

The following are the persons to contact at Texana Tank Car & Mfg., Ltd. for any of your railcar needs:

Terry Brooks - Plant Manager

Mike Bearden -Director of Quality Assurance

Judy Brown - Manager of Billing & Estimating/Customer Service