Texana Teamwork... The Cutting Edge.

Texana Tank Car & Mfg; Ltd. is a modern AAR Class A facility located on a 30+ acre complex with one of the finest, most complete, fully equipped facilities in the Southwest - specializing in tank car manufacturing, tank car and hopper repair, maintenance, modification, alteration and Re-qualifications. We are certified in steel, aluminum and stainless steel tanks. In addition, our craftsmen are skilled in aluminum and steel hopper repairs. See our

We are staffed by a stable work force of trained men and women working with dedicated skill to produce only the best results at the most cost-effective and competitive price. 

It's our people, working in a superior facility, that gives Texana the cutting edge in manufacturing, major wreck repair, maintenance and modernization.

Texana is
a Complete Tank Car Manufacturing Facility with:

Two full-service fab shops
Two truck re-work shops
Four overhead cranes (One-65 ton crane, one-40 ton crane and one-30 ton crane and one-25 ton crane)
Rotators with the capability of rotating tank and hopper cars 360 degrees so welding can be performed in a down hand position if necessary
Tractor and Boom welders for Automatic Sub-Arc Welding
Plasmarc, Aluminum along with regular welding machines
Welders that are certified in many different processes Including carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum welding
Blacksmith shop
Thermal Imaging Capabilities
Complete X-Ray Department
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector 
A complete (14'x14'x85') unit stress reliving oven and a double unit Electric blanket 
Abrasive Blast house with both Grit and Sand Blast capabilities
Enclosed paint house using the latest technology
The latest technology in Engineering Cad Systems and plotters
Computer Operated Cutting Machine
Flaring Tower
Computerized Billing Systems - AAR Format
EDI Capabilities

Not only are we absolute in meeting the original car builder's specifications and FRA and AAR requirements, but the Engineering and Quality Control Staff will devise and work with each customer for any needed or required changes.

Our 30+ acre complex can accommodate up to 250 cars and has 75,000 square feet of covered and enclosed buildings and production lines.

Accurate cost is prepared for each job. Plus each car is further analyzed for any problems or additional needs, as the car arrives at the complex and is switched to Texana lines. We keep in constant contact with the customer with cost estimates, status reports, documented repair reports and delivery schedules. No detail is overlooked; our rule is "follow-up, then follow-through on every detail and, do the job right."